Watermelon Design Co.

Founder, Design Lead • 2010-Present
Watermelon Design Company represents a series of self-founded and side projects, aimed at broadening my understanding of design and attempting to bring useful spaces for interaction to the world.

My contributions
  • Founded and led design and development for one of Taiwan's largest English language learning communities and ESL classroom games database sites, taiwanenglish.com
  • Co-created penpal Routlette, fostering a new form of connection for 3000+ users globally
  • Designed and led team to develop Puppy Snap for iOS - play a sound to get your pup's attention to take great photos... and help shelters aalong the way

Taiwan English

During my tenure as an English teacher for Gloria Schools in Taoyuan, Taiwan, there was a constant need for fresh, educational classroom games to play with students. To solve this problem, I designed and co-developed a database of games where users could log-in and contribute to a collective teacher resource.

I drove front-end development (HTML, CSS, minimal Javascript), design, content strategy, SEO and monetization. This site was expanded to become one of the foremost language exchange sites, connecting English and Mandarin learnings, before turn down in 2019.

Penpal Roulette

Penpal Roulette was a imagined as a website where users can sign-up and be randomly assigned to another user around the world, for the purposes of e-mail penpaling: an interaction space where people could find more long-term and thoughtful interactions beyond those initial meetings.

I was the co-creator, front-end developer, designer, content and SEO/marketing manager for the site, serving 3000+ users over 5 years.

Teacher Lara's Class

Working with WordPress and custom Flash development, I designed and developed my friend Lara Hulbert’s teaching website. The site boasted interactive message boards, custom flash mathmatics tools I designed and developed, and access for students to communicate, upload assignments, and collaborate with each other and Miss Hulbert on homework assignments, creating a shared space to learn.


Moodtivities was designed as an iOS app to let users track  activities and mood over time, to help them understand the relationship between their actions and health. I led a team om user research, paper and high-fidelity interactive prototyping to examine user behavior and response to entering their activities, mood, and feelings throughout the day.

Our team investigated the role of game dynamics and potential visualizations in motivating interaction with Moodtivities. A leaderboard of  top users in various categories was populated by providing points to users as they do things in the system. Users were given the option to export their activity to social spaces like Facebook and Twitter to show-off their actions and to encourage others to make them accountable to their in-system goals.