Hey there!

I'm Jerry G.

I’m a UX leader, designer, researcher, and strategist based in San Francisco, CA. I’m originally from Troy, Michigan, and love indie music, playing guitar, and building great design teams.

My career so far

I have 10+ years driving design, research, planning, and vision on enterprise projects, with startups and large-scale organizations. I have deep domain expertise in healthcare, enterprise software, behavior change, and sales workflows.

Currently, I'm a design manager at Google primarily focused on driving success for tools in the ads space.

I have my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan School of Information.

UX Strategy
Product Design
Design Sprints
Visual Design
Music Creation
Service Design
Content Strategy
Public Speaking
Creative Writing

Personal projects

I like to build things. Some things I've built:
  • Something soon
    (After COVID-19)
  • Better UX Allocation @ UX Managers Summit
    (Jan 2020)
  • Human-Centered Design @ Sales Summit
    (Oct 2019)
  • Sprinter Master Summit Learnings
    (Jun 2018)


A short list of recent speaking engagements