Hi, I'm Jerry. I am a UX leader in sunny San Francisco, CA

To see my latest leadership work, given the sensitive nature of my portfolio please reach out to gerald.gordinier @ gmail.com for a 1:1 review

Not Business As Usual
UX Crunch, 2021

As the pandemic unfolded through 2020-2021, teams were  forced to reevaluate everything: how they work, how they collaborate, how they live. In this talk, I discuss our continuing journey at Google to understand and meet our team and maintain culture in trying times.

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As a design manager at Google, I drive a cross-functional UX team executing research, visual, and interaction design. I lead quarterly/annual planning and set vision for multiple enterprise efforts in the ads space. I own strategic efforts around accessibility, UX allocation, and design sprint practice, enabling focus for our team, stronger xfn collaboration, and product success. I consult with multiple tool teams globally, guiding partners new to UX partnership on design and research craft.

Driving cross-tool design and research
Product Designer & Researcher

As one of the first designers in San Francisco for Atlassian, I initiated and drove Atlassian's contextual inquiry program and guerrilla user-testing, exploring 10+ new products with 200 people annually. I led design for Atlassian Marketplace and in-tool plugin manager, utilizing facilitated design to bring stakeholders together.

Defining a better path for UX allocation
Global Experience Summit, 2020

While at Google, I have helped develop an improved UX allocation process to foster long-term growth, dedication, and improved product development. I have presented in a number of forums to help other teams institute more focused allocation models with their teams.

Setting vision for clinical interfaces
Senior User Experience Designer

I led design/research for Practice Fusion's electronic medical record system, helping establish the first pattern library. I drove design workshops for product, engineering, and business, defining the future of health dashboards, and the end-to-end charting and note taking experience.

As a senior designer at Augmedix, I guided junior UX in Bangladesh in design, research, and leadership communication. I led UX for scribe note writer and provider Google Glass interface. I planned/executed multi-method research in US, India, and Bangladesh, holding over 100 interviews, mapping provider-scribe interactions, to identify gaps and set a vision roadmap with founders.

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My process begins with needs investigation with business and users, bringing the team together to sketch and ideate on possibilities, goals, and metrics. Then design begins: exploring options, honing in on how to meet needs. We test with users to see if we hit the mark, refine, present to stakeholders to drive awareness and final approval. The last mile is working with engineering closely in build and QA, learning and doing it all again.

I love to create: as founder of Watermelon Design Company I helped drive a number of independent projects aimed at fostering community and driving improved interactions globally.

From Atlassian, I learned the value of strong QA and eating your own dog food as a design owner and leader. To this end I developed a talk around the value of dog fooding and how best to execute it in your own organization.

As an early design mentor at Design Lab, I instructed 9 students frrom a variety of background, with iterative review on research and design projects. I also led review and recommended improvements to course curriculum to make courses more real-world focused and applicable.

As a user-experience design contractor at Opower in Arlington, VA, I drove improved user energy usage through behavior change. I performed a full analysis and revamp of the Opower sign-up flow as well as deep investigations into colorblind accessibility compliance, reading out to team to inform more accessible design

My story

I have 10+ years driving design, research, planning, and vision on enterprise projects, with startups and large-scale organizations. I have deep domain expertise in healthcare, enterprise software, behavior change, and sales workflows. I have my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan School of Information.

I am available for design facilitation and consulting with organizations hungry to learn more on how to focus on the user, and drive business success doing so.

UX Manager
Jul 2017 — Present
Lead Interaction Designer
Jul 2015 — Jul 2017
Practice Fusion
Senior UX Designer
Nov 2013 — Jul 2015
Univ. of Michigan
Masters, HCI
2010 —  2012
Product Designer
Dec 2011 — Oct 2013