Having fun learning Flash, while developing a number of absurd games and educational teaching tools.


As a life-long builder and gamer, I was interested in the basics of Flash game development. As I had some extra time while teaching in Taiwan, I tried my hand at designing and developing a few simple games. In addition, I helped design a few teaching tools for a teacher friend.

Number hikers and integer chips

To help out a teacher friend, I developed a few simple math tools. One, “Number hikers” represents the way we can move up and down positive and negative numbers. Another helps students better understand how integers work. These tools were meant to go with prepared classroom exercises.

Grabby Blitz

A simplistic game I developed with a few modes, aimed at getting people to grab blocks

Penguin Fight

Modeled after a tutorial found online, I made a simplistic penguin-shooting-kittens-at-Obama game. I added some functionality to allow users to select their own MP3, adjust quality, and more. Disclaimer: I’m a big fan of Obama.