Helping Teacher Hulbert’s students check their schedules, collaborative, submit exercises, play math games and more.


Working with WordPress, I designed and developed my friend Lara Hulbert’s teaching website. The site boasts interactive message boards, custom flash mathmatics tools I designed and developed, and access for students to communicate, upload assignments and collaborate with each other and Miss Hulbert on homework assignments. Based on feedback from Lara, I worked to customize the WordPress framework with custom PHP code.

Flash Development

In addition to the design and development work on the site, I developed two simple flash applications to help facilitate learning in the classroom. The first, “Integer Chips”, allows students to move chips onto a board to help them with addition and subtraction. The next, “Number Hiker”, is a simple interactive number line which allows students to move a hiker up or down to positive or negative numbers.


In summation, working on this site was a labor of love, knowing that it would be used by my friend Lara and her class to help facilitate interactive and engaging learning in her mathmatics class. It was great to get an intermediate-level understanding of the WordPress CMS and hack up some php. Working with Adobe Flash CS5 was a joy compared to working with CS4, and gave me a deeper understanding of the mechanics that go into coding with actionscript. I hope the site is a useful tool for many years to come.