Shaping the path for young designers, while researching and designing a better future for healthcare.


Augmedix allows providers to chart more efficiently though Google Glass and mobile solutions. Patient information can be delivered directly through Glass to arm physicians with what they need, when they need it, humanizing the patient experience by allowing the provider to move away from the computer and back to the patient.

As lead interaction designer at Augmedix, I design the next generation of interfaces for Google Glass and our multiple desktop and mobile properties, spanning 4 teams across the US and Bangladesh. In addition, I collaborate with operations, analytic, marketing, support, and other teams better define the journey of our scribes and providers.

Beyond my core role as the primary interface and service designer, to improve process and projects, I meet iteratively with junior designers and managers to mentor them in project management, design craft, and communication, and collaborate with business owners to define better practices, tools, and processes. In this process I’ve helped grow our junior visual design team, a direct report intern, and other contractors become better designs and better thinkers.

Research on the future of Augmedix

In terms of research efforts, I was challenged by leadership to better understand the future of Augmedix and help inform our road map for 2016-2017. This effort led me to multiple contextual inquiries in three cities in India, in addition to 40+ in-person and remote interviews in the US and Bangladesh. I dug deeply into our core scribe workflows to learn how scribes interact with providers and each other.

An example scribe workflow

An simplistic view of the scribe workflow

This research was augmented with four heuristic evaluations of our main properties, collaborative sketching sessions with design and key stakeholders, competitive analysis, and other methods. At the near conclusion of the research, I modeled the research  an extensive affinity hallway for walk-through and collaboration with 20+ key stakeholders across the organization.

Having some fun with the research gang

Having some fun with the affinity wall gang

As a function of this work I was able to make the case and hire Sylvie Hebdon, a part-time junior researcher to help facilitate interviews, take notes, break down findings, and get a new set of eyes on the wall. As a part of the arrangement I served to mentor Sylvie in some of the best practices around affinity walls, data modeling, and interviews. Some (hopefully unforced) feedback from her month with Augmedix:

Jerry gave me space to grow as a researcher and take risks. He abhors micromanagement – a trait that I find very endearing… I truly believe he would be a great asset to any team in a facilitation role, growing younger designers or researchers while helping keep teams aligned towards the future and towards business needs.

Silvie HibdonSilvie Hibdon, Catalyst
Silvie reported to Gerald at Augmedix


All the future-focused research culminated in a final presentation  to leadership and key stakeholders around a narrative of the scribe journey, top ten recommendations, possible solutions and value-effort break-downs. This research fueled improvements to our future road map, as well as inspired some immediate improvements in service delivery.

Designing the screens and the service

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As lead interaction designer, I am responsible for requirements gathering, collaborative sketching, interaction design, iterative, visuals, and working with engineers for 4-5 medium-large projects each month. These projects span mobile, desktop, Glass, a number of personas and include complex service design workflows.

Image result for augmedix

Some older designs showing patient information to doctors on the Augmedix interface

Through this work I’ve developed a highly collaborative and iterative process, combining face-to-face meetings, remote meetings, Sketch, JIRA, Confluence, Invision and cross-team ownership. Working with engineers, I follow-up each morning to keep the code coming and people unblocked, utilizing InVision to capture feedback from 4 remote teams over shifting deadlines and priorities.

I handle around 4-5 projects a month, spanning across service and interfaces

My proud invision wall, 4-5 projects a month, spanning across service design, web, mobile, and Glass interfaces

Some feedback from a recent intern I worked with in San Francisco:

Jerry … can always turn a rough idea into perfect visualization, and even beyond the expectation. He is also a great teacher on guiding me, a junior engineer, through the development of design tasks. He is really patient and kind on answering any question I came up, and teach me about insightful design experiences. He mentors me by encouraging me to learn and understand not only the interface of design, but more of taking user experience into consideration so as to pursue the best. I really appreciate his works on giving me the practical design mindset, even though I am a developer. … With him, coding and designing of a team can become one thing.

Yao-Chieh HuYao-Chieh Hu, Intern in Silicon Valley | Student Ambassador
Worked directly with Gerald at Augmedix

Collaborating towards better outcomes

Getting the gang together for collaborative user journeys

Getting the gang together for collaborative user journeys

In house, I help facilitate conversations through collaborative design exercises, including future-building exercises like anchors and engines, collaborative sketching,  collaborative user journey sessions to help get multiple individuals from a variety of teams on the same page.

Collaborative sketching and MVP definition exercises

Collaborative sketching and MVP definition exercises (With a little blur. No peeking)

Beyond design exercises, I have incorporated and helped spread MVP-defining exercises to help get multiple individuals on the same page for what should be released on larger projects. Through collaborative design, we can get to better answers faster with less churn and a better outcome for our users.

Growing junior designers and managers

The mighty Augmedix Bangladesh design team

The mighty Augmedix Bangladesh design team

In addition to my design responsibilities, I have spent a great deal of time working with junior designers in the US and Bangladesh grow in their craft and expand their abilities.  Meeting iteratively with our visually-focused remote team, I’ve been able to expand and solidify their process to increase their velocity 2-3x ,while keeping them engaged and slowly growing their interaction skills.


Recruiting, hiring, and mentoring a design intern, Joe Abhishek, though a complex exploration on our Glass application was also a challenging but rewarding task, one met with an impressive outcome for the company and some real-world experience for Joe. Some feedback from Joe:

…To start off, [Jerry] is the friendliest person you can ever come across but highly professional and motivated at the same time. He is extremely good at designing and conveying company processes and workflows. He helped me clearly understand the structure of the company and the context of my project before starting my work … I learnt a lot from his design experience during the design review sessions… Overall, I could not ask for a better manager. I should say that his management style really helped bring out the best in me both as a person and a designer.

Joe Abhishek DaraJoe Abhishek Dara, User Experience Designer at Ammunition
Joe Abhishek reported to Gerald at Augmedix


Beyond designers, I’ve worked extensively to institute core agile processes – improving our JIRA workflows, defining and helping move forward testing environments and Blitz testing. I’ve developed  a number of easy-to-use fill-in-the-blanks wiki templates for project planning and user interview planning, as well as developing some best practices for the same. Meeting iteratively with newer project managers, I’ve tried to help individuals come at projects with clear goals, assumptions, timelines and owners.


Overall, I’ve tried to use my previous experience working with some of the best companies in the Bay to impart and grow processes that can increase any project’s chances for success. Augmedix has been a wonderful opportunity to operate in the cutting-edge wearable space, and I’m proud to be helping define the next generation of American healthcare.