Capturing your party moments and allowing your friends to contribute to a more happening event.


  • Partybot9000 was founded to bring cheap parties back to the masses, by allowing individuals to create parties with funding goals and share the cost burden while enabling better parties. Beyond the funding aspect, we hoped to be a one-stop-shop for revisiting parties and the events therein.
  • As a co-founder and designer on the project, I worked with a close friend to develop wireframes, found the company, find a technical co-founder, and iterate on some prototypes. Though we eventually abandoned the project it was an interesting foray into visual and interaction design, exploring social reputation and behavior change to get people to pay for events.


Encouraging investment into parties

One of the main tenants of Partybot9000 was the ability to define funding goals and reflect your party as an entity. Beyond the obvious benefit of having others help in funding a party, we were intrigued in the possibility of allowing individuals to better understand who was coming to a party – by contributing money one might be more likely to show up. Still, we struggled to find ways to engage individuals in contributing money to a party.

One of the ways we did this was to make donation information available – social pressure and reward in seeing who else was donating and how much. To kick things off, we encouraged party planners to invest in their own parties. Clear goals also helped individuals see what they were getting for their investment. Ideas such as special status for requests, or a party cup, was one more way we sought to help people engage.

Along the way we wanted to keep a fun and light-hearted tone in the spirit of parties and donation.


Social reputation at parties

Another of the key tenants of partybot9000 was an exploration on social reputation for individuals. By capturing the “reputation” of an individual outside of an event, we thought we could further encourage donation and engagement with the site. Gamification with ratings and badges also helped to encourage this element.



Though we all got a little too busy to finish up Partybot9000, and it was hard to find reliable developers to finish it up, it was an interesting exploration on a fun idea – to share the burden of cost for a party and bring people together in a new and awesome way.