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Defining the future of American healthcare

Shaping the path for young designers, while researching and designing a better future for healthcare.

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Speeding up provider data entry with flow sheets

Helping providers customize, enter, and review structured data over time in a hectic healthcare setting.

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Facilitating collaboration across the world

Collaborating across departments to facilitate design in a new way, while getting close to customers.

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Reduce energy use through behavior change

Helping utility customers save energy through behavior change design, a streamlined  sign-up, and color-blind optimization.

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Defining a new mobile loan experience

Taking distill an desktop loan interaction model to its core functionality in a mobile environment.

Mobile Research

Streamlining philanthropic tours

Mapping the journey of Michigan philanthropic tours towards a better experience for students and alumni.


Sharing classroom games and breaking language barriers

Helping ESL teachers find classroom games and strangers in Taiwan find coffee and language exchange.

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Understanding how to monitor super-computers

Detailing the ins and outs of a super-computer monitoring tool and learning more about the


Improving your mood with Moodtivites

Changing behavior and improving lives through  mood data collection and display for users over time.

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Designing and developing surveys across populations

Crafting surveys and PHP development on a suite of tools aimed at chopping marketing segments.

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